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     With summer just upon us your school is giving you the opportunity to take a trip! This will be a very special trip in the fact that you will first learn about another place and than travel there this summer.  You will choose from Brazil in South America, Germany in Europe, or Thailand in Asia.

     For this trip your school is allowing you and two of your classmates along research, collect pictures, and organize a travel journal that will be shared with the class upon your return back from your trip.

     Pack your pens, pencils and papers.....your trip is about to begin!

Your Task:

     For summer this year your school has decided to take you and two of your friends on a trip to another country.  Before you leave on your vacation the three of you will have to decide where you would like to visit from Brazil in South America, Germany in Europe, or Thailand in Asia.  Also before your trip, you will be required to make a report which will give information on where you want go and what you want to see while you are there.  Things that should be included are:
bulletwhere your country is located
bulletweather conditions
bulletenvironmental problems

     Remember this will be graded and should be very detailed!  After you return from your trip you will be sharing what you saw with the rest of the class!



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